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Boys in August

August 21, 2013

People often remark on how similar our boys look, though recently someone remarked that as she gets to know the boys better they look less and less alike to her. I thought now would be a nice time to compare Moby and Arlo as they looked between about 12 and 15 months.

I think at this age they are just starting to outgrow their generic baby faces and start to develop more distinct boyish features, though they are quite clearly related. Looking through photos I also realized Arlo is a much more serious baby. I easily find lots of photos of Moby laughing, but Arlo is harder to catch with a smile on his face. He’s not an unhappy baby; he’s just better at furrowing his brow.



20110109-P105077914.7 mths 20130811-_DSC974914.7 mths
20110101-_DSC478114.7 mths 20130704-_DSC948713.5 mths


15.3 mths

14 mths


15 mths


12.7 mths

14.7 mths

20130720-_DSC953114 mths
11 mths
20130514-_DSC911012 mths
15 mths
20130719-_DSC951914 mths
Eating artichoke
15.3 mths
20130811-_DSC976814.7 mths

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