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Back to work…

September 7, 2012

Labor Day this week was my first day back at work, and also my first day of work at Maxim’s new headquarters in San Jose. After years of struggling every winter to get enough daylight to avoid the doldrums (aka seasonal affective depression) in Maxim’s old windowless cubicle farm, I was excited that the new Maxim building has big windows and my cubicle is a mere 10 ft from a window. Only minutes into my first day, however, I discovered that I can’t actually see the window once I sit down. Doh. So I asked facilities to remove the offending panel from my cubicle.  No can do:  Only admins are allowed lower walls. After upgrading from the chaotic mishmash of office furniture in the old building, and for the first time ever having money to make things nice, I can understand how facilities might be tempted to hold tight the reins on customization.

But why, oh why, does a compulsion for standardization have to stand in the way of my winter happiness and productivity!?


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